AXLR8 have just launched the promised new WordPress plug in. It takes the data available from the Job Posting dashboard in the ATS (applicant tracking system) and automatically creates all the

  1. vacancy listings on your website with
  2. a details page for every job on the list and
  3. an application form link (Apply Now button) that helps you trace where the candidates are from and what job they applied for.

This has always been possible but web designers working for our clients have had to program the XML to fit into their CSS. Well, there’s a whole acronym storm there before you even start coding!

Many great designers are not comfortable coding . Now, you just load the AXLR8 Job Advert Plugin for WordPress and the data for the job adverts arrives on your site and is styled with your themes and colours.

You can read the details here.

Contact if we can help. Let’s make your job pages a fantastic reference story for both our companies!