If you missed the Working Lunch with AXLR8  bite-sized training chunks, all the recordings can be seen here.

A thorough explanation and demonstration on recruitment and talent management systems.

A detailed walk through of the applicant tracking system.

A walk through on how to use application form builder.

PowerPoint explanation and demonstration of searching for staffing.

Thorough explanation into creating an event and booking for staff.

In depth demonstration on how to use the questionnaire builder.

An in-depth demonstration into a more advanced questionnaire builder.

In depth walk through of field marketing reports.

A walk through on how to approve shifts.

Reports builder demonstration and explanation.

In depth demonstration of advanced survey reports.

Demonstration of advanced reports.

Introduction and explanation on how to use newsletter builder.

Demonstration of event finance financial reporting.

Reports builder demonstration and explanation.

A look into how to use the staffing app.

Demonstration of check in/check out, time and attendance.

Training on how to get the most out of our e-Learning.

A walk through of vetting.

Demonstration and explanation of admin terms and conditions.

Demonstration of Systems Admin for Super Users part 1.

Further demonstration of admin for super users.

Demonstration and explanation of the third and final part of system admin for super users.

Demosntration on expenses admin.

Explanation and demonstration of mass change and replication of activities.