The AXLR8 Questionnaire Builder has been around for 10 years in various applications, including adding questions to event bookings and automated quality surveys following a service or product sale. However, since the summer of 2011, AXLR8 has taken all that experience and developed a world leading dynamic questionnaire build and deploy system that is actively used in the following industries:

  • QA shutterstock_159866006
  • Product testing
  • Supply chain manufacturer assessment
  • Field marketing
  • Consultative surveys in local government
  • Market research
  • Any business where feedback and ideas are required

This project brought many challenges that you will be familiar with whether you are a prospect, client or another software house.

  • Application priorities such as sections and branch logic when the answer to a question obviates the need for one or other questions
  • Reliance on the internet for field data collection
  • What to do when the internet is not available and you have to store and forward off-line
  • Android or iPxx was the cause of much agonising until the more recent figures showing the former is outselling the Apple products by two or three times.
  • Dealing with questionnaire changes on the fly and how to deal with results matrixes.
  • And many more!

A year and three versions later we are very proud of what we have done, the reliability, the training and documentation, the easy UI and the support team behind the product.If you are collecting information for clients or to help your own decisions, give us a call.