The amount of care and attention to detail that goes into organising race days in the UK is incredible. It sets a very high standard, regardless of the level, the size of the stadium, or the attendance numbers. Although the focus of visitors is on the track, there are a huge number of staff and administrative tasks going on in the background helping everything to run properly and safely.

The use of cutting edge technology has facilitated world class standards. With the right systems in place all of those tricky, time consuming administrative tasks become much easier to deal with. The end result is better management, fewer delays, and even cost savings.

AXLR8 is perfectly placed to provide staffing systems to racecourses and stadiums that will deliver the above benefits and many more. We are an award winning company and work hard to build fantastic partnerships with racecourses all around the UK. With our help the workload can be streamlined and you’ll see great advantages in terms of organisation on important race days.

All of our systems are designed with the knowledge of just how many different people are involved on match days. They can be used to coordinate SIA security, stewards, bar staff, caterers, and a wide array of others. This is generally a huge administrative task but with cutting edge technology it is much easier and will achieve the required standards.

As well as facilitating the effective deployment of staff, an AXLR8 system will ensure that each staff member is properly equipped to do their job. You can keep track of all equipment that is issued, from hi-visibility clothing to radios and even key fobs for tills. That way each member of staff should be able to do their job to the best of their ability.

An AXLR8 system can be scaled to suit any requirements, delivering a robust, reliable solution. We will be happy to offer advice and work closely with clients to deliver the most valuable staffing systems to racecourses. If you would like to find out more please get in touch.