Field Marketing Systems

AXLR8 Field Systems are used by several leading companies and brands for essential market intelligence for decision making. The mobile tools are collecting huge volumes of data for brand owners while you are reading this. The system uses AXLR8’s Questionnaire Builder and the resulting reporting templates are deployed to staff on mobile and other devices through the AXLR8 Staff Portals of our clients. Smart reports tell you how many reports are filled out in store and other environments and who needs a nudge.

The system also provides the staffing management systems facilities you would expect from a leading staffing systems partner. The core system is a cloud based service that covers all of the functions for running an events staffing agency. Contact AXLR8 for an online demonstration which includes:

  • Staff application forms and recruitment processing
  • Staff portal (with all past and present bookings, payroll, shifts to apply for) and many other functions
  • Client portal
  • Sales and Marketing tools to help win new assignments
  • Event creation and management
  • Prevention of double booking by excluding impossible clashes
  • Automatic event staff booking confirmations
  • Mailing facility for staff to inform of events
  • Auto emails to confirm staff attendance and SMS Text confirmations
  • Payroll rates, roles and hours worked fed into Payroll processing
  • Staff qualifications and expiry dates
  • Staff availability
  • Staff ratings
  • Staff Questionnaires/surveys
  • Staff discipline recording
  • Staff details including education, previous jobs files linked with documents for references, passport pictures and other ID, certificates

Our systems are made for business critical applications and can replace custom ones which become very expensive with modifications. Most things you would have written by programmers are “out of the box” free with ours.