AXLR8’s e-Learning System is providing clients with major training cost savings, big increases in training effectiveness and the metrics to prove it.



e-learning courses provide a flexible alternative to face-toface training that fits in with busy, modern day business schedules. It means that providing training no longer becomes a logistical nightmare for field staff and lone workers who work shifts, as they can complete courses on-line whenever they choose 24/7 so as not to interfere with their working schedule.

High quality training material can be uploaded to the AXLR8 staff management system in a number of formats; PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, and Audio and Video files. These files can be updated by you at any point.

There is no software to install as the courses are available on-line in a document library on their Staff portal.

A test can be completed at the end of each course and based on your set criteria, can be shown as a pass or a fail. This means they are immediately compliant (or not) and this will register on their Staff Profile. A Certificate can be issued electronically or printed and posted if required.

Searching of trained, qualified and compliant staff in a certain area becomes a much easier process to manage. The power of the Questionnaire Builder also means that any pre-site checks, incident reports, due diligence reporting and shift data entry can be completed per shift via the portal.

You can then have reports that can be sent directly to the client on a scheduled basis.

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