AXLR8 Chat case study: Brand Embassy, Austria.

Brand Embassy are a travel retail leader based in Graz. They have been a client of AXLR8 for 12 years.
They use many of AXLR8 tolls for recruitment and selection of staff, booking, scheduling, proof of attendance and payroll, expenses and sales billing.
For many years they have used SMS messages for immediacy and the medium remains the gold standard for immediacy and response. It also comes at a premium cost and previously the only alternative was email. However, that has its down sides in a fast moving industry.

Watsapp helps but Watsapp groups have a life of their own and conversations can spin off in directions unhelpful to an agency.
So Brand Embassy solved the problem with AXLR8 Chat. Based on Google Messenger, the service has all the immediacy of push messaging and allows pictures and icons for friendly multimedia communication but is also effectively free of charge, presently.

• Messages provide immediate staff responses
• Make fast staff changes
• Like watsapp with pictures
• Make permanent and flexible and transitory groups
• Control conversations and close down conversations when necessary
• Launch training for campaigns
• Launch staff surveys
• and many other uses
In the screenshot below, a group of around ninety people received the initial launch message and you can see how enthusiastic the response was!

Introducing AXLR8 Chat Notifications
Immediate positive responses of staff to first AXLR8 Chat Notification.