The hospitality Company are well known for their quality of service. To achieve these standards, they need best staff. So, they use the latest HR innovations like one-way video interviews.

The one way interviewing system from Willo was added a few months ago. A link to the leading Willo solution integrated with AXLR8 Applicant Tracking (AXLR8 ATS) module is very popular amongst AXLR8 clients who need a quick way to assess volumes of applicants for “sparks”, communication skills and great personalities.

The reason is simple, Recruitment Productivity.

Measurable HR process speed.

Quick application processing helps candidates and employers alike.

Speed allows efficient and effective interviewing of masses of candidates in a fraction of the time that two way video over Zoom or Teams. To set up and run a two way video interview ranges between 30-60 minutes. That does not include cancellation and rearrangement. For F2F physical videos (such as Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Teams) it is an even greater time investment for expensive busy professionals. With Willo one-way interviewing, you can work through 15-20 candidates in an hour!

MethodArrangement and interview time
Face to face 1.5-2 hours
Video interview on Teams, Skype, Zoom, etc.30-60 minutes
Willo one-way-interview 3-7 minutes
Speed and productive use of time for selecting managers

Video interviewing is not supposed to be perfect. Admittedly, you cannot see if they extend their hand to shake yours as they smile and enter the room. YU will not yet know if they stand up and shake your hand when you enter the room and approach their seat. You cannot really check out their silver service skills with a tricky diner during a role play in the same way as an “in person” assessment. However, those assessments and trainings are time expensive. You need to save them for the “A” candidates.
If you use one-way video interviewing, you can eliminate inappropriate candidates very quickly and objectively in three to five minutes per candidate.
This is because the questions they answer are structured. In the Hospitality Company’s case, they will show the recruiter smartness, linguistic ability, communication skills and probably 90% of what you would get from a face-to-face interview. After that you can focus on the best “A” candidates and reject poor ones or slow the journey of B and C applicants. The less fun candidates can always go work for the duller competitors!
One way interviewing is so time efficient. That means that more senior officers – even the MD in an SME – can work through them. So directors can directly assess the staff that will build the company reputation.

How does it work?

This diagram shows how AXLR8 structure the user experience (UX) for the candidate journey.

AXLR8 Willo Integration
Willo one-way video interviews seamlessly integrate with AXLR8 ATS hiring journeys. You can plug them in at any stage of the recruitment process.

Successful applicants at (e.g.) stage 1 or 2 of your process may be sent a link to Willo where the Hospitality Company have several questions for them to answer. These questions are relevant to the work they will be doing in a hospitality environment. The Willo system helps the candidates set up their video recording and links them up. It then presents the questions one by one for the candidate to answer whilst recording the video. Each candidate can save a final version once they are happy with each of their responses. Everyone benefits. The candidate can have another chance at a better answer after a hasty clumsy answer. We all once we just blurted out the wrong thing in an interview situation. Also, they know they are on a level playing field. That is because everyone is answering the same questions. For the employer, this standardisation helps remove discrimination claims, too.


The whole system is easy to use, reliable and seamlessly integrated with AXLR8. It is great for candidates. (See this explainer video) It is productive for the recruiter and very, very quick and effective.

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