We have just completed work and gone live with RightCheck. With this additional functionality, you can seamlessly do automated Rights to Work checks. The system is now in production release.

Where RightCheck fits in with your AXLR8 vetting processes

AXLR8 customers already collect information for vetting at the application form stage. Using AXLR8 AFB (Application Form Builder) we collect data and files from applicants. What data depends upon the industry but here are some examples.

  • Proof of Identity (PoID) such as passports and Drivers Licence
  • Rights to Work according to nationality including Visas and BRPs
  • DBS
  • SIA and other badge details and photographic evidence

All this is based upon Proof of ID. There is no point in vetting someone who is not who they say they are.

In some industries, such as care, airside work (at airports) and obviously security work for SIA accreditation, the uploaded responses and data must all be vetted in person and with original documents. This is required for BS7858. The originals must be checked and the person at the Face to Face (f2f) meeting must be the same person as the headshot uploaded in the application form.

AXLR8 AFB typical Rights  to Work branch logic
AXLR8 Application Form Builder typical Rights to Work branch logic

In most security conscious industries there is no alternative to f2f checks of hardcopy originals. For example, electronic pictures of passports can easily be edited and forged. Hardcopies are much more difficult to counterfeit. For Proof of Address, obviously utility bills and bank statements need to be observed physically, uploaded and signed off, too. Clearly this process requires senior vetting management who are trained in the processes for BS7858.

How does RightCheck help?

During the process, after the completion of the application form and before investing in F2F HR resource intensive work, you simply click to send the candidate’s details off to RightCheck. Right check comes back with your answer. It is “fire and forget”. The time saved is huge. The process is accepted by auditors.

Right Check can provide an extra layer of security checking with audit trail and takes a fraction of the manpower of resource intensive F2F checks

The candidate has to upload a copy of their passport in the same session as being on camera for Facial recognition. If the UK or Eire passport is genuine and everything matches, then the response is a pass. If the passport and individual are not UK citizens, then the system will check the Share Code. Again, you are covered for an audit if there is any suggestion your company is not checking Rights to work.

The data is returned to the AXLR8 system so you can see, with audit trail who is and who is not checked for R2W.

There will be a case study soon.

Please contact us on 01344 776500 if you feel this will be useful for your company. Here is a link for RightCheck.