Security is only going to get stronger in the world of business applications: from bankin apps and social media to email and your phone. Some of your legitimate users will face occasional barriers to accessing your AXLR8 business applications. All apps are getting more secure. So, this article is not just for the systems you have purchased from AXLR8.

Top tips

Quick questions to ask if any user cannot log in are the obvious ones.

For more details please hop over to the AXLR8 company website see this article.

ChecksWhat to do about it
Have you forgotten your password? (includes typing the wrong case e.g. “ABCD1234” instead of “AbCd1234”)They should go through the password reset process (click “forgot password” on the login screen). It sends them a temporary login and instructions on how to create a new secure password.
A Super User can also kick off this password reset process.
Have you made too many false login attempts?The users account will be disabled. A Super User needs to go to their User Admin area, select that user and take their account from the “disabled” to the “active” list. Don’t forget to check they are still legitimate users!
If you asked for a password reset, did you receive the “password reset” email with instructions?The email with the reset password instructions has probably gone into their spam folder.*
The user must check their spam folder, retrieve the mail and follow the instructions.
Do you know your login name? (includes typing it wrong such as “JOHN SMITH” when it is actually “JOHNSMITH” without a space)They can use the user name reminder process.
You can send them the correct user name and explain the importance of typing it exactly.

The above should get your people logged in to AXLR8 and probably similar problems from any system you may use, from any supplier. If not, one of your company’s AXLR8 Super Users should follow the steps in this link with your user (stewards, field staff, etc.) in order to resolve the matter.

Please exhaust all these possibilities before emailing us for support. If you have 200 users logged in every day and Fred has a problem, then it is probably Fred. If we helped every Fred, we would not be able to answer legitimate support queries by lunchtime. If you want us to help Fred, that is fine but we would have to charge you for Control room services! Fred is probably the smart guy who has a different password for every app and also makes them long and complex. So all power to him. Most phones and PCs now have a biometric protection on credentials storage. For most of us, that is probably the way forward. Resetting passwords is the other policy for your staff. However, this is a rather more time consuming way to work.

*If all go to spam, then your DKIM and SPF records may not be set up correctly and you may need to ask assistance from whoever manages your domain’s DNS.  AXLR8 can re-supply the correct values for these and help your DNS tachnical folks.