AXLR8 are calling the bottom of the curve for flexible staffing agencies. The only way is up!

AXLR8 have been working with our staffing clients to redevelop and improve many areas of the system. As things pick up, you will want to get the best staff back out working. The first place we looked for improvement, therefore has been the ATS – Applicant Tracking System.

Recruiter can choose graph type for AXLR8 Applicant Tracking

Please ask for a demo of the new clearer workflows and easy to use screens with all the functions you would need to reduce your work and administration and provide a great journey for applicants.

Tracking Job Applicants
Numbers of applications for each Job Positon

Staff will still be on furlough and can learn and develop but not work during this period. So the second place we have been focussing is e-Learning for staff development. That means you can truly promise your clients they will be working with the best team.

With the new AXLR8 UX improvements, they will enjoy working with your agency even more.