Field Marketing Company

Field Marketing Company

Channel Advantage improved Talent team recruitment efficiency by implementing AXLR8 on-line Staff Management system

“We are very pleased with our selection of Technology partner. The team at AXLR8 understands our business needs and are very responsive when it comes to enhancement and support requests”
Finance Director

Business Challenge

With big brand names such as Kindle, Intel and Panasonic, all requiring field sales people to promote their brand, a robust staffing system was required to enable the company to maximise the efficiency of the talent team.


The Staff Management system from AXLR8 delivers the following solution:

  • Staff application forms and recruitment processing
  • Staff portal (with all past and present bookings, payroll, shifts to apply for) and many other functions
  • Staff Vetting
  • Client portal
  • Sales and Marketing tools to help win new assignments
  • Event creation and management

Key Business Benefits

  • Reduce time for application processing
  • Prevention of double booking by excluding impossible clashes
  • Automatic event staff booking confirmations
  • Mailing facility for staff to inform of events
  • Auto emails to confirm staff attendance and SMS Text confirmations
  • Payroll rates roles and hours worked fed into system
  • Staff qualifications and expiry dates
  • Staff availability
  • Staff ratings
  • Staff Questionnaires/surveys
  • Staff discipline recording
  • Staff details including education, previous jobs files linked with documents for references, passport pictures and other ID, certificates


The company is a technology-led field sales and marketing agency, increasing sales opportunities, for some of the leading technology, consumer electronic and FMCG brands in the UK today.
Over 2 decades, the company continues to be an ‘industry firsts’ innovator.
They have offered easy-to-use, real-time on-line client reporting since 1995! Probably the first in the UK, and now offering so much more…
The ability to form strategic alliances with their key clients and their ability to provide those clients with reliable, best of breed and flexible staff keeps them at the forefront of the industry.

Business Challenges

With an ever changing and competitive market, the company needed to be able to increase their productivity and staff bank without increasing the internal resources.
In 2011, due to circumstances beyond their control, the in-house built system became too costly and cumbersome to maintain.
The Talent team and Finance Director, made the decision to look for a package that could be customised to meet their exact requirements.

The applicant screening process was a lengthy process taking up to an hour each time a call was made.
With hundreds of applications per week, it would have meant having more full time employees just to manage the screening process.
The new system has deployed an on-line application form for all candidates to apply to work. This then flags up each applicant to the talent team with all the relevant information already collated, including copies of passports, work visa, photos, and all related files.
The Talent team can then review the applicant and either accept or reject them.
Once accepted the staff member is given access to a staff portal that they can access remotely.
In order to check on any suitable shifts to apply for, past and present bookings, and payroll details. It also means that they can confirm their arrival and departure from each job via their smartphone.


After carefully investigating the options available to them, the decision was taken to implement the AXLR8 staff management system in order to support and automate the rigorous checks that need to be made against each and every application.


The implementation of the AXLR8 Staff Management System has resulted in the company meeting their business challenges. They are now able to process applications in an efficient manner, maximising the time of the Talent team.
They were able to improve service to the clients by careful monitoring of staff performance levels and providing client specific reports.
This maximisation of operational efficiency led to an improvement in the quality of their service and compliance for both staff and clients, which is evident from the ability to meet the service level agreements set out by their clients. They are able to provide their clients with accurate reporting and closely monitor the performance of their staff.


Posted on

5 January 2020