Managing Lone Workers has is challenges. The vast majority turn up on time for their shift and clock out on time. They are safe and well and they perform their allotted tasks above the levels expected.

Picture a night guard or a steward for queue/crowd management, where safety of assets or the public are compromised if they do not turn up on time or leave early. Also, once we get back and hospitality and retail start to recover, someone handing out samples or leaflets for a new shop or café, or doing counter cover, will help a deeply wounded business get up from their knees. The last thing they want is no-show and a counter not selling goods or a less than optimal (re) launch.

This puts a responsibility on the agencies that create flexible employment to “trust but check” the people that choose to these part time jobs.

Please click here to see the demo as a video.

Just a few people can wreck the reputation and sales so hard earned by failing to do the job they contracted to do at the allotted time. It is a very low percentage of people but the flexible staffing agencies and employers need to collect facts in order to act. If someone is late once in 75 shifts that is a fact. If a person is late every time then the agency, the client and probably the diligent person that could not leave the site until their tardy colleague arrived, will all press for action to be taken.

If you are managing 8 or even 800 people around the country on Saturday, you need to know who has turned up and whether they were there all shift. You need to know if there was a problem before your client rings to say the guard was not there or asleep or the End of Aisle POS units have not been installed.

Economics of checking attendance

If you have a few locations and hundreds of staff attending, then it is cost effective to spend £1500 – £3000 for a device with

  • biometric or card swipes
  • internet and power cabling
  • installation costs
  • Robust (perhaps all weather) build
  • memory in case of an internet, server or power interruption,
  • battery back up

AXLR8 Checkpoints require no power or cabling and have been tested outside in all weathers in the UK yet are acceptable for indoor work in smartest office and retail locations. They utilise yor staff’s BYOD iPhones and Android devices.

AXLR8 Checkpoint
AXLR8 Checkpoints Demonstration Video

So, using AXLR8 Checkpoints will help you check staff presence and tours in remote locations. They also help with time and attendance measures for payroll.

Demo video

If your staff use the AXLR8 Staff app on iPhone or Android devices then please Click here for a demo. This feature complements AXLR8 Geopositioning and AXLR8 Continuous tracking for looking after lone workers.

Safe staff. Happy customers. Sucessful agency.