Big day in the office! The box arrives and we spot the Paxton tape around it!  But this is not about a new toy for a few geeks.  The real story affects all our businesses.  It is about how your business CAN service clients even better when you have been dragged backwards through a hedge by the pandemic, lost cash and staff time and resources are scarce. 

Like all of us, Paxton had all these and then worldwide component shortages affected their delivery promises.  However, this is just when you find out what a great partner is!

We complained to Paxton Support that the shifting delivery dates were going to mean our fix for our client would be after the start of the football season.  That meant we had a small window of a month to get all our enhancements done and tested. What happened next is a text book example of how all businesses should react.  Roman on the Support line reported my call internally and Steve called me.  He came up with a perfect interim solution.  Some parts that were perfect for our immediate requirement have since been collected up and arrived. 

AXLR8 will be recycling this box again!

Moving forward

We dug her out and introduced her to her new friends on the network, assigned her pronouns and an IP.  So, development and test will get back to the speed we had before when Martin at FSL kindly lent us his demo kit for the CPFC contract in 2018/19.  That will mean we can get all our new enhancements and ideas to make usage easier in place for next season.  The clients will benefit, and the suppliers will benefit with reduced support and Paxton will benefit because many more stadiums and agencies will be looking at this solution for staff time and attendance.

AXLR8 now have a mature integration with Paxton Net2.  It is because there is great service from Paxton as a business partner and our offerings are entirely complementary. Hundreds of staff swiping in and out for work on a match day are registered for their attendance against their shifts on the AXLR8 staffing system.  

If experience is our guide, the initial development of such an integration is always the easy part and may work well for months.  However, the real work starts with a change request that was not envisaged or a new upgrade in one of the components or a new process or team change.  At all times, we have deployed resources to fix the problem and dig into other foreseeable issues and fix those too.  Most importantly, we have great relations with the Paxton installer, FSL, and the Stadium’s network support company Computer Care. This has meant many solutions that require more than one partner have been resolved immediately because open discussions take place with complete transparency between technical managers.