To clients visiting AXLR8, colleagues, valued suppliers: you may not have seen many wasps in our office because I have normally killed them in the past. They distract meetings and general office work. Some people have an alergic reaction to their stings. Others are inspired to dramatic performances when tthey see them. Not to be upstaged, it is my chance to be a hero with a rolled up pukka pad. After all, when important clients visit, a wasp is going to potentially reduce concentration.

However, after reading Professor Seirian Sumner’s, excellent article, I am excited by wasps and am ashamed. I will no longer be squashing any. You will have to put up with one if it comes in. Apart from anything else, they appear to predate on many worse pests and bugs.

I know your day is super busy. Maybe you can take a bit of time to scan this article one evening. Hopefully, a few readers will then also decide to ignore occasional wasps in their office (and home). Most visitors to AXLR8 coo at the deer, squirrels and birds in the grounds around the offices but all pretty birds and mammals would not last long without creepy crawlies. #waspintheoffice