Just a quick blog note to say how much we are enjoying the rapid development of systems for clients using AXLR8 edPortals. These editable portals can be created very quickly for specific applications associated with your agency’s business. Here are a couple we are delivering right now.

Use cases

Cautions List for lone workers
  • Cautions list for lone workers: a local authority has hundreds of lone workers and they need to know about risks/threats in and around the areas they are visiting. This could be anything from a dangerous dog to a building access issue. Apart from a search for risks, the workers can also report incidents. Managers can then decide whether one or more incident reports consitute a risk everyone should know about and an manage the life cycle of a threat. For example, an abusive person might have moved away.
  • Sales portal: we are building plenty of these. We are working on one for a field marketing company who will measure enquiries, prospect acquisition, growth in their business bank and client profitability.
  • ATS: The ATS system is becoming more and more Portal based so we can create and maintain veiws for different managerst in the Talent Aciuistion journey. A visitor from one client of AXLR8 to another clients’s office might recognise the similarities on screens. However, the behaviour of each client’s system would be bespoke for their needs.
  • Company Dashboard: Financial summary and KPIs for the SMT of a staffing agency
  • Client Portal: Shows retail product managers Power BI and other analytics of data collected in-store nationwide and POS installations progress with before and after photos.
  • Time and Attendance: shows a security management company’s control room where lone staff are on site.

No programming

The reason these are so revolutionary is that no expensive programmer time is involved. So please call your AXLR8 support if your staff are spawning of spreadseets outside AXLR8 for any business reason. You may want to bring those functions back in to the system. Maybe edPortals can help provide a quick cost effective solution.