AXLR8 clients are growing faster than their rivals and we are being asked for new features all the time which demonstrate these transformation management challenges. For example, they have to decentralise decision making and develop leaders in the field. AXLR8 have been asked to develop many different middle management systems by clients in the last year and have begun to deliver significant new features working with our larger clients.

    • Teamleader features that allow more delegation to certain key leadership staff “at the coalface”.
    • New levels of sign off for hours, timesheets, attendance and expenses claims.
    • Staff ratings: a company with 2000 staff in the field every day cannot have a management sit down appraisal with each one. A teamleader rating mechanism must be in place in the field.
    • We have even developed a truly revolutionary feature where clients may safely be given special access on their portal to book staff their own events from a staff bank you define for them. This has released log jams in growth and tied the client in strongly to AXLR8’s innovative client. Probably why they are one of the fastest growing and most highly respected staffing agency in their industry.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure
Obviously, all this is complemented by AXLR8’s Report Builder system which allows our clients to pull out ad hoc management information for decision support and strategic planning purposes. This is providing yet more efficiencies for staff agencies who have transacted business over many years and collected a huge data asset.
Please call your AXLR8 account manager for more information.