Like you, we are looking for forecasts to see if we should be investing for growth or just swimming along.  We are confident and bullish and one of the main reasons is the aggregate volumes of job positions advertised and applicants and hiring at AXLR8 clients.  Events, promotions and other contracts are increasing at a steady rate.

So, our clients’ ATS (applicant tracking systems) are getting busier! The great news is that this is not just low level gig economy jobs but also the team leader and management and admin positions for the agencies.

Some clients are overwhelmed with applicants and filtering them down with hurdles and multiple stage application forms they have created using AXLR8 AFB (application form builder).  Vetting and “Rights to Work” checks filter out some applicants so the early birds are able catch the best people.  In other industries, it is harder recruit than others. None more so than hospitality where they are finding it tough to find people. Security is also competing for the really good qualified SIA badge holders.

Here are some recent use cases.

  • Security company hiring hundreds through Indeed. We had to rewrite much of the login system because one of our identity markers is the email address. Indeed creates a new indeed email address for every time the same person applies.  That meant we had to send them the application form link through that Indeed email address.  However, the whole security and (encrypted) password reset mechanism requires that person’s email address and not a third party forwarder.
  • A client in Austria pivoted overnight to start a new business in UAE and we helped build an application form for those candidates which was tested and working in a day.
  • A number of football stadia are re-recruiting matchday staff (stewards, catering, etc.) for the coming season and confirming past staff for what we hope will be a return to the “new normal”.
  • A client in Dubai won several COVID marshalling contracts in the film industry and our ATS helped with staff on-boarding whilst the AXLR8 e-learning helped with knowledge acquisition and thorough testing and certification of several hundred people.  AXLR8QuestionareBuilder (QB) is not just used for testing but also for incident reports and regular COVID surveys.
  • A global staffing company in West London pivoted towards health and public sector staffing during the pandemic and is now moving back to counter cover in retail spaces. Complete new candidate journeys and messaging have been designed and implemented. We have increased their platform’s capacity to process the applications and linked different HR recruitment functions throughout the group using APIs between their systems for seamless interaction.
  • Another company in Bristol is researching their recruitment funnels and analysing audit data from tens of thousands of applicants in 2019-2021
    • how they  found us and
    • how that related to advertising (e.g. with Facebook, Indeed, etc.)
    • how long do they stay in different job application stages (JAS)
    • What team members are more effective recruiters and what can each colleague learn from their peers.

Thanks for the feedback!

During the pandemic period, AXLR8 have delivered two new versions of the Talent Management and ATS portals for our lead clients. We appreciate all the great ideas you gave us and we have been busy implementing the feedback on how we can improve the ATS and Talent Management modules.