Many businesses had a rough time during the pandemic lock down. Few had it rougher than AXLR8’s clients in hospitality and catering, experiential, event stewarding, coutercover and any other “high footfall” or crowd traffic based activities.

What a pleasure! Every time we log in to client sites to deal with your support tickets, we see staffing dashboards full of shifts and employee bookings. This means our clients are recovering and replacing lost funds during the recession. Nothing is more important to us than the financial recovery of the people who put the lunch on our table.

The staff shortage everywhere has surely to be seen as a “Champagne problem”! Our clients’ ATS screens are now full of candidates at some stage of the candidate journey or another. Their hiring business processes are efficient and well managed. It seems the work AXLR8 did redeveloping the systems over the last two years is paying off for our clients.

  • AXLR8 Portals are providing rapid application development and customisation
  • AXLR8 Reports are quicker for management KPIs and compliance
  • AXLR8 AFB (Application Form Builder) has seen huge increases beyond even 2019 levels as client fill their applicant funnels – often using two stages of AFB in the applicant journey.
  • AXLR8 Newsletter Builder and Trigaware(tm) are doing the heavy lifting for candidate comms
  • AXLR8 e-Learning is helping agencies maintain staff performance at the levels they aspire to.
  • AXLR8 Rota, staff booking and payroll and invoicing is radically reducing admin costs and increasing productivity
  • Lone worker features are keeping staff tracked and safe.

It was a tough time but we are coming out of it now. Contact us for a no-obligation chat regardless of yor stage in recovery or growth.

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