AXLR8 V3 CheckPoints were set up on a tree outside our office to test climate, temperature, water ingress. Even though V4 devices are more robust, the V3 is still doing just fine. Also, it is covered in the sticky acidic juice from the tree.

Most importantly of all, both of the two printing methods we used (basically stamp it on and digital) for client logos have lasted. Colours and definition are still clear. Apart from anything else, a new staff member can clearly see where they are and identify them as your company’s AXLR8 CheckPoints.

These plucky little devices require no power and will last for years even in hostile environments. They protect lone workers and also help your agency assure that the fundamental contract between the three parties is kept working. I.e. your agency, the staff member working that shift and the client who has contracted your company to do the work all benefit without one member of the magic triangle letting the others down.

If you have a lone worker challenge, please feel free to contact a consultant at AXLR8 on 01344 776500 or for a chat. We may have some ideas and there is no obligation either way.