No wonder AXLR8 ATS clients are increasing and we are seeing higher volumes of job applicants going through every week.

Still deciding whether to stay in hibernation or invest your remaining funds in growth?

Here is another economic indicator you won’t see in the FT!
New horizons are opening for many people after they consider their post lockdown options. To support the surveys about how many are looking around at new career moves, I checked a new metric this morning. It started with one of those Linked In automated notices we all get. 7 people had work anniversaries. A further 9 had career moves.
Of the 9 movers only one was an internal move – a promotion actually. I only associate with successful people!
This is the first time I can recall when job changes exceeded work anniversaries for a few years, now. Some post grad geek with more time on their hands than I have can go back over the years and research exactly how long!

You can easily try it with your contacts.

What can agencies learn?

  1. If there is a time to invest in growth, I believe it is now. But remember, more companies go bust coming out of a recession than going into, or during, the downtimes!
  2. Keep your good people. Many agencies have gone through the pain of losing great team members over the last year. I cannot recall a time with more staff turnover. So much knowledge has been lost in businesses and it seems many may not return to the business. (That is why we ran the Working Lunch with AXLR8 series of trainings.)