Recruitment Functionality

The AXLR8 ATS is highly functional out-of-the-box.  It is quick to implement.  Yet you, with training and the support of our consultants may change and evolve the way it works and with changes in job markets and your business needs.  Functionality includes

  • Candidate Tracking
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Assessment Management
  • Resume Parsing
  • Internal HR

Job Positions

You can create multiple job positions to advertise and add details, descriptions, locations and decide which media they are advertised in.  These could include:

  • Facebook
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • Your website (for example, using the AXLR8 WordPress Plug in)
  • Intranet jobs page
  • many other job boards as required


The dashboards can be designed flexibly to suit your organisation.  The system also comes with out-of-the-box dashboards for job positions and numbers of candidates at different stages


You can decide which media the job is advertised in at the click of a button using our integration with sites like Indeed, Monster, Facebook, Linked In and many specialist sites for your industry (e.g. Reed, Working the Doors, Veterans Network, etc.)


AXLR8 integrates with many other systems so your candidates may flow through seamlessly from Indeed, Monster and other job boards and also be checked online and interviewed using the leading modern tools.


If your industry requires vetting, we automate this time consuming process for you and help with BS7858 standards.  For example, the information gathered in the initial application process may be checked using our PC/tablet online system when you collect actual hardcopies of PoID, PoA, etc in F2F interviews and vetting workshops.

On-boarding and induction

The system has advanced features built in for e-learning and testing the knowledge of candidates and new hires.  This can be used in their first few days and weeks to get them “up to speed” and also for continuing professional development.  Recent examples include:

  • induction videos and tests for a stewarding company (third version in six years as part of their continuous improvement programme)
  • a training for event staff at one of the UK’s biggest event venues with a test for knowledge on how to deal with many different customer/attendee situations and enquiries.
  • a mock exam for candidates taking SIA courses for and ACS company
  • a food and hospitality safety test for new staff  at a leading hospitality company previously filled out and marked on paper.

The test results can also generate qualifications so that the candidate becomes eligible for more senior/skilled work or new locations.


Using AXLR8 Report Builder you can create the reports you need and also use and amend the ones that come as standard.


Your staffing needs will evolve as business changes so you can design and build new job positions and applicant journeys for them.

24/7 Availability

Candidates should start their journey to join you when they can. Many are working elsewhere and may not be able to work through your application process until outside your office hours.


Your candidates may only apply once and you need a system you can rely upon to capture the data and to save it so they can go back and continue later.


It goes without saying that your candidates’ data privacy and security is managed responsibly by AXLR8.  Our systems are regularly audited by third party security specialists. We are working with developing standards in a world full of growing security threats and increasing complexity. Regular cycles of penetration testing keeps us working on more rugged systems and improves our resistance to attacks.