Staffing Agency

Kru Live improved consistency in their recruitment, event planning and briefing process by implementing the AXLR8 system

“The technology developed by AXLR8 is bespoke to our industry and so fulfils every need that we currently have in terms of CRM, Event Booking, Staff Management, Payroll”
Managing Director

Business Challenge

Managing an ever changing bank of quality staff and an increasing number of events, the recruitment, booking and management process was becoming unmanageable with their existing systems.


The Staff Management system from AXLR8 delivers the following solution:

  • Fully integrated CRM system
  • Staff application forms and recruitment processing
  • Staff portal (with all past and present bookings, payroll, shifts to apply for) and many other functions
  • Staff vetting
  • Client portal
  • Sales and Marketing tools to help win new assignments
  • Event creation and management

Key Business Benefits

  • Reduce time for application processing
  • Prevention of double booking by excluding clashes
  • Automatic event staff booking confirmations
  • Mailing facility for staff to inform of events
  • Easy management and distribution of event briefings
  • Auto emails to confirm staff attendance and SMS Text confirmations
  • Payroll rates, roles and hours worked fed into system
  • Staff qualifications and expiry dates
  • Staff availability
  • Staff details including education, previous job files linked with documents for references, passport pictures and other ID, certificates
  • Newsletter builder and mailing manager
  • Ability to share parts of the system with clients


The UK’s leading entertainment specialists, the company is a specialist staffing and implementation agency that carries out the majority of its work for experiential, public relations and event agencies that do not have in-house staffing departments.
The founder of the company set about the task of creating a staffing agency that addressed the key failings he had noticed in the supply of staff in the industry and delivers a service of excellence not only to clients but to their staff, those that make the difference between an ‘Okay’ campaign and a ‘fantastic’ campaign.

FM&BE Gold Award Winner:
‘Staffing Agency of Year’

Business Challenges

The requirement for Event staffing is an ever increasing industry across the world. The need to provide clients with best of breed, flexible staff is essential to stay ahead of the competition.
Processing the CVs constantly coming through the door, screening the applicants, manually managing the staff credentials and qualifications was a lengthy process.
The amount of time taken for the recruitment process needed to be dramatically reduced in order to maximise staff efficiency.
The Management of an event with large numbers of staff was a cumbersome task. The communication for event briefing was a lengthy manual task.
Keeping track of the staff who had worked at each event, how many hours they had completed, occasional sickness and their pay rates could be confusing.
The need to automate this process and feed the correct information through to payroll was essential.


After reviewing the products available on the market, the management team took the decision to implement the fully integrated, Customer Relationship Management, Event Resource Management and Payroll Systems from AXLR8.


The technology developed by AXLR8 is bespoke to the Experiential, Field Sales and Event staffing industry and so fulfils every need that the company have in terms of CRM, Event Booking, Staff Management, Payroll. The system has improved consistency in the booking and briefing process and simplified the pre-event planning stages. Most importantly consistency in the recruitment process has been established and the efficiencies achieved mean the level of delivery that the company are able to offer their clients has improved.
Further developments are constantly taking place enabling both the staffing company and AXLR8 to evolve together.