SA Privacy Policy

Scope and Definitions

We (the Agency whose app you have logged into now or simply “we” and “us”) are the Data Controller for GDPR purposes and  respect the privacy of every individual who uses our Staffing App and associated portals Collectively referred to in this agreement as the “Staffing App” or “SA” for short.

Where there is conflict between these words and your employment contract with us the employment contract will take precedence. 

“You” or “field agent” or “staff” refers to you as the logged in user of the app provided by AXLR8 who are the App software author and also act in the capacity of Data Processor.

Data we collect and why we collect it.

We collect the following data from you as a field worker.

  1. Personal data (i.e. your name, address, telephone number or other contact information) and historical, current and future field and other data necessary to develop your skills, communicate with you, book you and pay you.
  2. Data and photographic evidence and document scans for various compliance reasons such as rights to work documentation (e.g. visa and passport) Proof of address,  PoID, National Insurance number, etc. as appropriate for the jurisdiction(s) in which we operate.
  3. When you view our SA we may obtain and hold certain anonymous data (i.e. information which does not identify you), such as the type of web browser you are using or, where applicable, details of the web site which linked to our website. Such personal and aggregate data helps us with technical support.
  4. We will retain current contact data so that we can communicate with you about topics such as pay, work opportunities, operational and logistical details, compliance and health and safety subjects  via AXLR8 Chat, Text and Mailing you, and other forms of communication.  We will also retain your details should we need to contact you in future to notify you of any news or developments relating to your work with us.
  5. The SA may use location services either in the foreground or background for the purpose of determining your whereabouts only while the you are ‘checked-in’ for work. During this time the you can minimise the SA and it will continue to passively sync your location at intervals to our system.  You will have been informed of this and the reasons for each job by us – for example lone worker protection or client requirement for proof of presence.   The app does not track your location when you are not checked-in for work, nor will your location be tracked when working on contracts that have not enabled this feature. If we have enabled this feature, you will be able to access an interface to determine whether location tracking is currently in-progress. Options for manually initiating and ceasing location tracking will be present. It will not be possible to enable location tracking while you are not working and also ‘checked-in’. You will be able to disable location tracking at any time, but to do so while working, other than for unpaid breaks, may contravene the work agreements that you have in place with us as the provider of your work. Please review our terms and conditions / privacy policies for supplementary information.

Your responsibilities to keep the data accurate and current

It is expected that you maintain your data as current on the SA – for example contact details, address, bank details changes so you get your pay, new skills, etc.  We may remind you from time to time or ask for new data (about your preferences and experience) relevant to newly emerging work.  You may not falsify data or claim technical problems by switching off  or ignoring elements of the SA or refuse to swap components when the platform providers change from time to time.  Any attempt to falsify attendance will result in penalties for us from our client and may result in a loss of pay for you in line with your work contract with us.

When will we destroy it?

This will be documented in your employment terms and in our data protection policy. You will also have been asked for your agreement to privacy terms when you applied to work for us.  Normally your personal data would be two years after inactivity on your account (because many of our staff are seasonal) or when you ask us.  This does not apply to data you have been employed to collect in the field and record on behalf of clients.  Please refer to your employment terms if you have any doubts about image rights or proof of presence data – both of which may contain photographs including you.

If, for any reason, you do not wish us to retain your details for these purposes, please let us know at any time. All our newsletters have an unsubscribe link on them and you can save your mailing preferences including that we do not contact you again. Obviously, there will be exceptions to this, for example if you have stopped working for us but we still owe you pay.  Please note that we have to retain information for tax authorities for a statutory period of time depending upon the jurisdiction.  For example, in UK this period is 6 years.


When you log in to the SA, the system creates a secure cookie to protect your work on that device and to maintain a secure connection between your data entry on the SA and our company system

If you have any queries with regard to our privacy policy, please send an email or call your usual agency contact.