WatuApp stopped developing over a year ago and the internet and staffing world have moved on. Your staffing business has evolved. Compliance burdens have grown. AXLR8 have long been a popular WatuApp upgrade path. We understand that Watu’s customer list may have been “purchased” by Liveforce. Many staffing agencies are considering alternative moves from WatuApp for their business.

AXLR8 are working hard to welcome Watu clients as a WatuApp replacement. Please call us about your WatuApp to AXLR8 migration.

Transition from WatuApp to AXLR8 Staffing

We can guide you through

  • Migrating data from WatuApp to AXLR8
  • Moving your documents and auto emails fromWatuApp to AXLR8
  • Migrating the Staff Bank from WatuApp to AXLR8
  • Moving your rates and financial information stored in WatuApp to AXLR8
  • Retraining on AXLR8 Staffing System from WatuApp
  • Replacing your WatuApp Application form with AXLR8 forms and Applicant Tracking and Vetting systems
  • Replacing your staff app from WatuApp to AXLR8

Contact AXLR8 about moving away from WatuApp.

After WatuAPP what next?

There are many extras with AXLR8 Staffing Systems that you will not have had with WatuApp. Call us to find out more 01344 776500 sales@axlr8.com