BS7858 requires Proof of ID and of Address. as well as many other items. However, one that is difficult to complete on an application form is your employment history with exact dates and no gaps greater than 31 days. Here is how our friends at HMRC can help!

Apply online

If you do not know the dates or employment details then you can request this from HMRC by applying online

Please note, this could take up to 14 days to arrive, so please do not start your application until you have this.

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Search for HMRC subject access request

Step 3) Tap the link that is under how to get your requests and apply for a SAR online

Step 4) Complete with full information and submit

Apply by email

Please ensure you are emailing and that you are providing all the information below:

  • Full name (including middle names)
  • National insurance number (AA 00 00 00 A)
  • Full current address (including postcode)
  • Any previous addresses (if you have moved in the last five years to your current address, please provide your previous address that you lived in)
  • What years you are applying for (please ensure you request a full five years from the date you are applying. If the date today is 17/02/2023, please request from 2018 until 2023)
  • Reason to why you are applying, for example; you are applying for a position at London Heathrow Airport or you are being vetted for a Security or Stewarding job or you need to be vetted to work in the care sector and a five-year history check is mandatory for you to begin work with your employer.

Apply by telephone

Call HM Revenue on 0300 200 3300, provide all your details and ask for a five year employment history letter which you will receive by post.