It is more than an irritation! You want to export data from your AXLR8 RB report and it contains telephone or licence or other numbers. Your default application for the exported CSV is Excel. Excel completely jumbles telepone numbers 07777777777 and 07777 777777 are the same to a human but Excel things look like this:

The reason is that the data for Sally has spaces. That means Excel thinks it is text. The data for Bill has no spaces so Excel thinks it is a number. So, then Excel either turns a long number (e.g. a 16 digit SIA licence number) into and exponent or removes leading zeros ( as in the example of Bill’s phone number. Or, of course it will sometimes do both.

You need to export them for use in another application. But it is too late. They are garbage. You have two choices! You could do lots of manual work. Alternatively, try this neat trick with AXLR8 CSV Export function.

This will make Excel se your numbers as txt and so it will not turn them into exponents or remove leading zeros

Just choose the option to wrap them in inverted commas (quotes. That way they will all be treated as text by Excel.

Other tips are to open in Notepad which will not mess a CSV up like this. Then you need not use teh quotes which can, in themselves, be a problem for some import facilities.

Any problems, contact Support.