AXLR8 text buying club are now buying in millions of units.  Staffing agencies in particular are using the SMS (text messaging) service as an immediate way to contact tactical staff.

This has allowed AXLR8 to reduce the SMS pricing including integration and support once again. It is is especially useful for staffing agencies using more than 700 units a month.

Why do staffing agencies use text messages?

Texts are more immediate and more likely received and opened.  The AXLR8 system allows you to select a small subset of ONLY the relevant staff for the text message.  So here are just a few ways our clients use texts.

  • inviting staff to urgent shifts where somebody has failed to turn up.
  • client makes a last minute change to an event or campaign staffing contract.
  • best ever, your competitor let them down for tomorrow and you can pull together your people with texts
  • texting lone workers to check all is well.
  • automatic texts when security guards have not passed by their AXLR8 Checkpoints around a site.
  • finding sign language translators with very specific language skills, subject expertise located in the right area for an urgent interpreter job.
  • just saying “thanks” and “well done”.

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