AXLR8 has been working on a broad UI improvement strategy over the last four years.  AXLR8 Staffing Dashboards are one of the main planks of that strategy.   The main UI development areas include:

  • Operational Field Staff Apps which interact with the AXLR8 enterprise data in your company built for
    • Android tablets and smartphones
    • iPhones and iPads running Apple iOS
  • Specialist portals for field staff
  • AXLR8 Report Builder UI evolution
  • AXLR8 e-Learning
  • APIs to other systems extending access for users (e.g. to video recording self interview systems, job boards for new talent acquisition)
  • AXLR8 Staffing Dashboards
  • AXLR8 Chat (for chatting securely in real time online with field teams using and AXLR8 app)

AXLR8 Dashboards are customisable by AXLR8 Support Consultants.  In Q4 2019 we plan to add the skills into the AXLR8 Super User training course.  Many AXLR8 SuperUsers will be able to customise these AXLR8 Dashboards for their board directors to see their KPIs and metrics as well as for operational and field staff in specific professional areas such as promologistics, talent management (including  Applicant tracking, vetting and and staff bookings), field reporting in retail countercover, security incident reporting, and many more.

What is an AXLR8 Dashboard?

AXLR8 Staffing Dashboards are overview screens making access to your information quicker and easier.  The AXLR8 Staffing Dashboards Manager allows the Super User or AXLR8 Consultant to:

  • customise a view (e.g. an opening view after login) of the system with only the buttons, graphs, etc. that a user or group of users needs
  • cascade more reports and dashboards when that user clicks through to them

This is best illustrated with examples of how dashboards are used.

Who needs AXLR8 Dashboards?

Use case: CEO dash

Agency CEOs often identify 3-7 key metrics they need to run the business and identify trends.  Most great CEOs also want to dig into the detail.  So an opening screen with these key metrics and buttons leading to reports and data on the main functional areas of their business: Events and Campaigns P&L, survey feedback, delayed projects, bookings, etc. can easily be made for the Cx who would normally not engage with systems.

Use case: Talent Manager dash

In one company this could mean a dashboard of applicant tracking data, in another it might be extended to vetting, staff surveys, staff work metrics and discipline.  Yet another manager may be using AXLR8 e-Learning to develop staff and needs to make sure goals on staff numbers with certain qualifications are achieved.  Talent managers will have differing goals from company to company and AXLR8 Talent Managment and ATS, Vetting and other functions need to be customised for each company’s needs.  A custom dahboard for your agency may only take a and hour or two to create.

Use case: Promologistics dash

In this specific area, the people in the warehouse are both critical to the business and also are agents for change and evolution.  To make a system easy for them to use, it must be built with their vocabulary and each function must be accessible from a simple menu or set of buttons:

  • book goods in
  • search stock: do we have 16 of those chairs or do we need tihie in for that show
  • Testing: what equipment needs a PAT  or PUWER test and which vehicles need an MOT (TuV, etc.)?
  • Repairs: what items are in repair?
  • Asset list: who owns these demo screens and iPads and are they insured?
  • Available goods: how many of those walkietalkies are working
  • Timelines: how many perishable food samples are three months from disposal.
  • Log destruction/disposal  (or do hey need to be returned to the client as their owner, etc.)
  • goods out
  • Stock take