AXLR8 Chat has been added to the AXLR8 Staff Apps since September 2018 and is being trialled at our lead staffing agency clients across Europe, right now. This once again puts AXLR8 Staff Apps many years ahead of the competition in terms of breadth of functionality, security and reliability.

What does AXLR8 Chat do?

Imagine instant chat and notifications like Whatsapp – but private for your company.

  • Create groups for special situations.
  • Notify a group about a new opportunity or event.
  • Send and receive pictures and documents
  • Pings their phone
  • Receive responses from individual staff and hold chats with them to resolve issues quickly.

In the example screenshots below, Brassy is in the office and Rick Ting is a field worker (names obviously anonymised).

AXLR8 Chat


The costs of instant messaging are expected to remain at zero for small volume usage clients paying a small monthly subscription.

The infrastructure costs need to be covered and infrastructure suppliers that AXLR8 have built the service upon will begin to charge more with volume. For now, AXLR8 are picking up both the development and transmission costs for early adopters. In time people will have to pay for transmission costs. However, these costs will be a fraction of the costs of texts (SMS).

The instant messaging medium still brings the flexibility of Whatsapp with the immediacy and alerts of SMS Texts but still at the near zero cost of email.

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