AXLR8 now have a fully developed Paxton interface using the Net2 architecture.  It allows you to use physical Paxton scanning devices to check that staff have arrived for their shifts on time and can record check in time, check out time and other times such as tour locations and breaks.   This is popular with agency staff and permanent staffing in:

  • security
  • stewarding
  • inspection
  • cleaning

and many other areas.

The systems are being deployed to check staff in and out and to record security and other tour paths in football stadia, building sites, shopping arcades, factories, warehouses, hospitals and other large organisations where staff attendance needs to be recorded.  This involves physical Paxton hardware installed at critical places on site  This could be for, e.g. a fingerprint or RFID card scan.

To view full details click here.

AXLR8 have been busy preparing for May 2018 when General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will be the main Data Protection legislation, updating DPA.

The penalties will be very high indeed for staffing companies who do not take their Data Controller role seriously.
Launching AXLR8 GDPR positioning paper and client starter kit with check list, workshops and advice and guidance in September through December 2017.

The amount of care and attention to detail that goes into organising football matches in the UK is incredible. It sets a very high standard, regardless of the level, the size of the stadium, or the attendance numbers. Although the focus of visitors is on the pitch, there is a huge number of staff and administrative tasks going on in the background, helping everything to run properly and safely.

One aspect that has facilitated the world class standards is the use of cutting edge technology. With the right systems in place all of those tricky, time-consuming administrative tasks become much easier to deal with. The end result is better management, fewer delays, and even cost savings.
AXLR8 is perfectly placed to provide staffing systems to football grounds that will deliver the above benefits and many more, including an applicant tracking system (ATS). We are an award winning company and work hard to build fantastic partnerships with football clubs all around England. With our help the workload can be streamlined and you’ll see great advantages in terms of organisation on important match days.

All our systems are designed with the knowledge of just how many different people are involved on match days. They can be used to coordinate SIA security, stewards, bar staff, caterers, and a wide array of others. The system will ensure proof of presence and can even have features for vetting to the BS7858 standard. The entire process is generally a huge administrative task, but with the cutting edge technology it is much easier and will achieve the required standards.

As well as facilitating the effective deployment of staff, an AXLR8 system will ensure that each staff member is properly equipped to do their job. You can keep track of all equipment that is issued, from hi visibility clothing to radios and even key fobs for tills. That way each member of staff should be able to do their job to the best of their ability.

A final feature of the system, that will save a great deal of time and maximise accuracy, is to generate payroll. With the tracking and proof of presence features, the system knows when and where staff are on site. Data about the rate they earn can easily be set so that payroll can be completely automated.

An AXLR8 system can be scaled to suit any requirements, delivering a robust, reliable solution. If you would like to find out more please get in touch. We are happy to offer advice and work closely with clients to deliver the most valuable staffing systems to football grounds.

Following the ransomware cyber attack on Friday 12 May which affected the NHS and is now known to have affected other organisations globally, AXLR8 offer the following advice urging both individuals and businesses to follow protection advice immediately and into the future. It is to be expected that other scams will follow, typically ones that purport to offer a solution only for it to be another exploit and not a solution at all. If you are in any doubt please feel free to call AXLR8 and we can put you in touch with a cyber security specialist consultant.

Key messages to protect yourself from ransomware:

  • Install system and application updates on all devices as soon as they become available.
  • Install anti-virus software on all devices and keep it updated.
  • Ensure that passwords are 10 characters or longer, and include a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numerals, and special characters (e.g. !, &, *). Our suggestion is to think of 3 words that are meaningful to you, concatenate them, substitute an “S” with a “5”, and/or an “E” for a “3” etc, similarly change an “I” for a “!” maybe. Do not write passwords on post it notes – if you must record them, keep them in a file on an external device, such as a USB stick. Do not call the file “passwords”, but something else non-pertinent – “elephants” maybe.
  • Create regular backups of your important files to a device that isn’t left connected to your network as any malware infection could spread to that too. Customers using our CRM systems can rest assured that their databases are backed up on a daily basis. If you wish to discuss our backup procedure, please call us on 01344 776500 or email

Fraudsters may exploit the recent high profile incident and use it as part of phishing/smishing campaigns. That is to say that they may offer a solution that is in fact an attack. We urge people to be particularly cautious if they receive any unsolicited communications from the NHS.

Our advice is as follows:

  • An email address can be spoofed. Don’t open attachments or click on the links within any unsolicited emails you receive, and never respond to emails that ask for your personal or financial details.
  • The sender’s name and number in a text message can be spoofed, so even if the message appears to be from an organisation you know of, you should still exercise caution, particularly if the texts are asking you to click on a link or call a number.
  • Don’t disclose your personal or financial details during a cold call, and remember that the police and banks will never ring you and ask you to verify your PIN, withdraw your cash, or transfer your money to another “safe” account.

AXLR8 is offering an exciting training opportunity on Wednesday April 27th. We have several customers coming down to Wembley to attend a training course on the Report Builder module. Collecting data in the AXLR8 system is all very well, but how useful is it to you if you don’t know how to get it out again?

Knowing how to use your systems efficiently is a great way to streamline your business and maximise efficiencies. If you would like to ensure you are included in our next training sessions please contact Caroline McNicholas at or call us at 01344 776500.

Make sure you are using your system to its full potential!

Internal testing on this project (internal code name SPUG) completed last weekend.  Two pilot clients have signed up for testing the new unified mobile applications from AXLR8 from last week.

Please contact Support if you woud like to be considered for an early adopter trial.

Thanks to the three leading staffing agencies who participated during the consultation months.  This helped AXLR8  to build and improve the new AXLR8 Sales Invoicing function for staffing companies using all the foundations built in  AXLR8 Job Tracking applications over a decade.

  • Wise Security, Bexleyheath, UK.
  • The Hospitality Company, Putney, UK.
  • Brand Embassy, Graz, Austria.

The system knows where all the staff were, what they did, where and for whom.  It knows the client charge rates.  Therefore, it can print out timesheets for clients to sign.

It can also work out what should be on the bills.  But this is just useful management information!

To take the big step up to automatic invoice generation, much careful consultation was needed in order to ensure that these important client documents were:

  • easy to create – for example selecting which activities go on the invoice in the case of repeat buyers
  • not invoiced twice (so making sure that those processed could not be charged again – and no more missed invoices for work.
  • reportable and providing useful MI
  • exportable ( so aggreate or detailed data could be exported to various accounting systems
  • adjustable within acceptable business rules so that maximum flexibiliy to change a bill to get it paid did not compromise basic accounting principles.
  • able to handle deposits and part payments
  • compatible with AXLR8 Debt Chaser (dunning letter automation using Trigaware) to reduce their collections admin and costs.

And along the journey, we have solved many standard issues such as:

  • issuing credit notes
  • emailing invoices and making invoices available on the client portal (no excuses about not receiveing them!!!)
  • matching account numbers for clients established over the years.
  • matching nominal codes, etc.
  • configuring invoice numbers to fit with those already used.  If you have ever done this, you will be aware, it is not just a matter of taking the last used number!
  • training the booking staff to enter the data correctly and training the accounting people so they are confident.

Comments include:

“Now the invoicing has been up and running for a few months, I can tell you it has transformed my life!”

A business owner manager saving at least  day per week on sales invoicing

“Well, that was easy!  So, importing the sales invoice data into Sage 50 is just as simple as importing the payroll into Sage Payroll when we started that three years ago.”

This, or something like it,  has been said by more than accounting admin person.

And our favourite:

“[We] finally no longer need our debt collection agency.  This saves us about £1000 per month in debt collections fees.  The automation of invoicing has speeded up billing and collections.  It has reduced our days outstanding.  Our bad debt write offs – once painful – are virtually zero now.  It is all about speed and accuracy – staff timesheet to billing is instant.”

A business owner


AXLR8 clients are growing faster than their rivals and we are being asked for new features all the time which demonstrate these transformation management challenges. For example, they have to decentralise decision making and develop leaders in the field. AXLR8 have been asked to develop many different middle management systems by clients in the last year and have begun to deliver significant new features working with our larger clients.

    • Teamleader features that allow more delegation to certain key leadership staff “at the coalface”.
    • New levels of sign off for hours, timesheets, attendance and expenses claims.
    • Staff ratings: a company with 2000 staff in the field every day cannot have a management sit down appraisal with each one. A teamleader rating mechanism must be in place in the field.
    • We have even developed a truly revolutionary feature where clients may safely be given special access on their portal to book staff their own events from a staff bank you define for them. This has released log jams in growth and tied the client in strongly to AXLR8’s innovative client. Probably why they are one of the fastest growing and most highly respected staffing agency in their industry.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure
Obviously, all this is complemented by AXLR8’s Report Builder system which allows our clients to pull out ad hoc management information for decision support and strategic planning purposes. This is providing yet more efficiencies for staff agencies who have transacted business over many years and collected a huge data asset.
Please call your AXLR8 account manager for more information.

AXLR8 Equipment Tracking now allows you to track assets (yours, your clients’, loan/lease equipent, etc.) by location, test history, asset number, owner, etc. Make sure every mobile and branch/HQ worker has the equipment they need.
– Radios and walkie talkies
– Demonstration equipment
– Point of Sale
– End of Aisle display units
– Vehicles
– Cameras and recording equipment
– Smart phones and other devices
– Uniforms, hats, etc.
– Even Bunny costumes!

Run reports of what needs to be PAT or PUWER tested, etc. Locations can include vehicles which are treated as mini-warehouses to make life simple. Vehicles may also be tracked for their own testing such as MOT and other regular safety and manufacturer recommended servicing. Asset lists for Financial Accounting or for insurance reviews are a click away.
Inspections of equipment for your staff on site can be shortened by having all the paperwork automatically up-to-date.
Sighn in/ out sheets – book it out and check it back in!
History of the equipment (service, damage repairs, notes, pictures, sites used, etc) is kept in as much detail as you require.
Never have a job delayed because the equipment is mislaid or because a repair that could have been done yesterday simply did not get done.
Call AXLR8 to ask for more details.

You can also click here for more information on Asset Tracking.