Hospitality Company

The Company improved consistency in their recruitment, event planning, briefing process and client invoicing by implementing the AXLR8 Staff Management System.

“We moved from our previous systems to AXLR8. It has allowed us to evolve our processes and has exceeded our expectations. In particular, the payroll and invoicing has had a huge impact on the business.”

Managing Director

Business Challenge

In early 2014, it was clear from the growth in every aspect of the business, client growth, staff management and engagements, that this company needed a fully integrated system to replace their assorted spreadsheets and free applications.

The Company was experiencing high growth and had to keep adapting to the changing demands of clients whilst attracting and developing the best staff in the industry.

Why AXLR8? 

The Staff Management system from AXLR8 delivers the following solution:

  • Staff application forms and recruitment processing
  • Staff portal (with all past and present bookings, payroll, shifts to apply for) and many other functions
  • Client portal
  • Sales and Marketing tools to help win new assignments
  • Event creation and management
  • Payroll processing
  • Client Invoicing

Having seen the AXLR8 system in operation at one of the leading Experiential and Talent management companies in the UK and how this had streamlined their operation, the decision was easy.

Business Goal

The company provides teams of high calibre staff for clients across many venues and locations. They also provide professional training courses for the industry.  

Maintaining the high standard of staff, and being able to manage the ever expanding lists of clients and events is paramount to growing the agency and its reputation.


The challenge was migrating  the current data without losing any of the detail and processes that had taken them so far. Another client nearby in Putney recommended this company try the AXLR8 system.

About 3000 staff and clients were transferred across in the original migration. Once fully transferred the detailed data is increasing all the time. For example the staff may keep their data up to date on their staff portal.  

The management worked with AXLR8 consultants to tune the system and customise it. An external consultant was engaged by to help with business process documentation and worked closely with managers and AXLR8 to make sure the requirements of the business were driving the system deployment. 

Training courses and regular visits have ensured that more of the system is used to benefit the company every month. Much of the work in defining how Events (dinners, luncheons, weddings, parties, celebrations) are booked on to the system with their staffing requirements was undertaken by the aforementioned consultant and the system now provides an easy way to book staff on without allowing clashes. It means everything is in one place.

Key Business Benefits

  • Staff Recruitment Processing automated.
  • Set up events and shifts
  • Easy profiling and rating of people to match them to client needs.
  • Automated Payroll
  • Automated Sales invoicing
  • Reports save time on analysis.
  • Kept up to date by AXLR8 with features so that it adapts to changing requirements.

Payroll: Once the staff members are booked, the system knows their rates and times based on the role they are performing and hence can calculate payroll amounts. This data is submitted and approved at various stages. Once finally approved, it is exported to a file ready formatted for Sage Payroll.

Sales Invoicing: Because the system knows all the start and finish times and client rates, it can work out invoicing amounts, and the extra costs such as taxi fares and incidentals may be recorded and recharged also. The client invoices may be edited and the data may be imported into the company’s Xero accounts system

How does it work? The system is internet based so the business managers may access it from a mobile device or PC anywhere – in the office, at home or on the beach if they wish to see how business is doing. Likewise home working expert and specialists, such as the accountant, have their portal for regular tasks such as running payroll or importing transactions into the accounts system. Staff may see all their jobs and pay and update their details and apply for specific shifts.

All documentation and data in the business is held in one place. Different people have different levels of access to the information they need in order to perform their job.