Facilities Management Company

The Company streamlined their staff management processes by implementing the AXLR8 system.

“The introduction of AXLR8 has made it possible for us to grow in both the scale and diversity of operations, streamlining our recruitment and payroll processes while improving the amount and quality of information shared with predominantly casual staff spread across the UK.  AXLR8 have worked in partnership with us to develop features which have enhanced our operations, and have consistently reacted quickly and effectively in the event of any technical issues.”
Resources Manager

Business Challenge

Managing a staff bank in excess of 1,200 and up to 3,500 new applications every year was a cumbersome manual process. We needed a solution that allowed us to centralise our resourcing function, increase our capacity to communicate with our staff and innovate in a different way to our competitors.

Why AXLR8?

The Staff Management system from AXLR8 delivers the following solution:

  • Fully integrated CRM system
  • Online Staff application forms and recruitment processing
  • Individual Staff portals
  • Sales and Marketing tools to help win new business
  • Booking administration reporting
  • Integration with our payroll and invoicing functions

Key Business Benefits

  • Reduce time for application processing
  • Prevention of double booking of shifts. Payroll rates, roles and hours controlled and defined
  • Search for staff by Event qualifications efficiently (e.g. all staff on this part of site must have a stadium induction card, NVQ in spectator management, SIA badge etc.)
  • Live visibility of staff available for each shift
  • Individual Staff personnel files including education, previous job files linked with documents for references, passport pictures, certificates and other Identification

This company has grown in Facilities Management, specialising in sports stadia and events services. Setting out in 1994, they quickly gained their first major management opportunity for all car park operations at the Wembley Stadium Complex, and now manage the O2 car parking.

Since those early days the company have added numerous prestigious clients to their portfolio and provided services to some of the UK’s most memorable sporting and entertainment events and venues. After significant investment and diversification, the last five years has seen significant growth, as new and emerging opportunities have seen major developments in their business skills, systems and areas of expertise.

They have specialised in areas such as cleaning, waste management, stewarding, security, cash & audit, valet parking and special events to such a point where a menu of services can be tailored around the challenges of every venue or event.

Business Challenges

Employing in excess of 1,000 casual staff, the scale and accuracy of communication with all staff had become a growing challenge. During a sustained period of growth in recent years, the capacity of the Resourcing Department to continually contact staff efficiently had diminished. Lack of visibility as the availability of staff had also grown, with repeated calls often wasted or duplicated.

With the need for more staff continuing to grow, the system needed to be able to streamline the recruitment process, through handling online applications, digital recording of supporting visa, identification and training documents as well as recording all personnel information and correspondence on an individual basis. Handling in excess of 70,000 shifts per annum across a number of skillsets and qualifications, a solution was needed that ensured that all staff
scheduled for work held the correct experience, training and accreditation for work.


After reviewing the products available on the market, the management team took the decision to implement the AXLR8 solution.

This solution provided a catalyst for change within the business, where all staff would be encouraged to apply for the shifts, ensuring that the resourcing team only selected from an active and available staff pool. Whilst direct telephone calls continued during office hours, a staff portal for each individual allowed convenient access for all staff, 24 hours a day.

With AXLR8 operating on a live basis, management were able to interpret real data from the recruitment and selection process, as well as identify training needs and gaps in geographical availability of staff. Furthermore, the data has provided the ability to automate payroll with SAGE, all invoicing to be checked and balanced as well as provide an audit trail for all clients as and when required.


The AXLR8 system implemented has provided a complete solution to this company’s complex event staffing needs across the UK. Its introduction has not only allowed its next stage of growth, but has proved to be a point of difference in the eyes of new clients as well its staff. Working closely together has improved innovation for both organisations and has continually developed the AXLR8 system.