25th May 2017


Streamlining staff organisation at football grounds

The amount of care and attention to detail that goes into organising football matches in the UK is incredible. It sets a very high standard, regardless of the level, the...


15th May 2017


Security advice from AXLR8

Following the ransomware cyber attack on Friday 12 May which affected the NHS and is now known to have affected other organisations globally, AXLR8 offer the following advice urging both...

AXLR8 Game changer for staffing agencies

AXLR8 clients are growing faster than their rivals and we are being asked for new features all the time which demonstrate these transformation management challenges. For example, they have to...

+Event Risk Analysis

01st Aug 2013


AXLR8 Launches Tour Dash V2

Allows you to see your clients and staff as colour pointers on maps using integration with Google Maps 3.0.  Used for deploying staff at optimal distance between their home and...

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