+Catering Agency

10th Mar 2016


New Unified Mobile apps

Internal testing on this project (internal code name SPUG) completed last weekend.  Two pilot clients have signed up for testing the new unified mobile applications from AXLR8 from last week....

+Event Risk Analysis

02nd Apr 2014


AXLR8 manages field staff radios, uniforms, PPE and other equipment

AXLR8 Equipment Tracking now allows you to track assets (yours, your clients’, loan/lease equipent, etc.) by location, test history, asset number, owner, etc. Make sure every mobile and branch/HQ worker...

+Event Risk Analysis

01st Aug 2013


AXLR8 Launches Tour Dash V2

Allows you to see your clients and staff as colour pointers on maps using integration with Google Maps 3.0.  Used for deploying staff at optimal distance between their home and...

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