You are never far away from agency field staff who were hired, assessed, vetted and booked and allocated to jobs, and paid using an AXLR8 staffing system.


+Catering Agency

08th Mar 2019


AXLR8 Staffing Dashboards

AXLR8 has been working on a broad UI improvement strategy over the last four years.  AXLR8 Staffing Dashboards are one of the main planks of that strategy.   The main UI...

+Catering Agency

09th Feb 2018


AXLR8 time and attendance and Paxton attendance recording systems

AXLR8 now have a fully developed Paxton interface using the Net2 architecture.  It allows you to use physical Paxton scanning devices to check that staff have arrived for their shifts...


24th Jul 2017


Count down to GDPR May 2018

AXLR8 have been busy preparing for May 2018 when General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will be the main Data Protection legislation, updating DPA. The penalties will be very high indeed...


25th May 2017


Streamlining staff organisation at football grounds

The amount of care and attention to detail that goes into organising football matches in the UK is incredible. It sets a very high standard, regardless of the level, the...


15th May 2017


Security advice from AXLR8

Following the ransomware cyber attack on Friday 12 May which affected the NHS and is now known to have affected other organisations globally, AXLR8 offer the following advice urging both...

+Report Builder

27th Apr 2016


Training Courses

AXLR8 is offering an exciting training opportunity on Wednesday April 27th. We have several customers coming down to Wembley to attend a training course on the Report Builder module. Collecting...

+Catering Agency

10th Mar 2016


New Unified Mobile apps

Internal testing on this project (internal code name SPUG) completed last weekend.  Two pilot clients have signed up for testing the new unified mobile applications from AXLR8 from last week....

+Catering Agency

24th Sep 2015


Staffing Agencies feedback for AXLR8 Sales Invoice Generation

Thanks to the three leading staffing agencies who participated during the consultation months.  This helped AXLR8  to build and improve the new AXLR8 Sales Invoicing function for staffing companies using...


13th May 2015


AXLR8 Proof of Location App V3 launched

Field staff can now check in and out using Android, iPhone and event text from a telephone. New version of App Geocoded “selfies” provide even higher level of evidence they were...

AXLR8 Game changer for staffing agencies

AXLR8 clients are growing faster than their rivals and we are being asked for new features all the time which demonstrate these transformation management challenges. For example, they have to...

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